3 Ways You Can Send Money to Someone Without a Bank Account

If you want to send somebody money but they do not own a bank account, you might find it a bit tricky. Thankfully, there are loads of ways you can send money to someone who does not have a bank account. If you want to send a person money if they do not own a bank account, here are 3 great methods you can try out.


Wire Transfer

Wire transfers can be done with a bank account, but there are non-bank providers that can let you wire cash without a bank account. Depending on the service, non-bank providers can let you make wire transfers without bank accounts. What they need instead is the recipient’s destination, name and the amount of money you want to transfer to them. You will pay the cash upfront then afterwards the transfer will be processed.

There are 2 types of wire transfers, international and domestic. Delivery time and cost for both wires can vary. You can find a lot of wire transfer services and take your time to research the best ones. For instance, Paxum lets you wire cash in over 14 currencies in more than 200 countries. Wire transfers are very common so whoever you are sending the money to should be able to receive the money easily if they follow the right instructions.

Money Order

Money orders are similar to checks, however they are not linked to bank accounts. You can buy a money order with the cash amount that you wish to transfer to someone. Afterwards, you will sign it then mail it to the one receiving it who can then exchange it for cash. You can find money orders in a lot of places, such as gas stations, grocery stores, post offices, etc. They are usually affordable which makes it convenient to send cash to someone without a bank account. Additionally, you can cancel the money order, depending on the case, if the recipient did not cash it in yet.

PayPal or Venmo

You could try out tons of sites like Venmo or Paypal to send someone money without a bank account. However, these types will typically need you to own a bank account to put money into the site then send it into the other person’s account. Nearly anyone can make these accounts without a bank account then they can find a way to cash out the money.

However, you should be sure you study the details before signing up and using these sites to make sure they suit your needs. For instance, you will usually have fees to send money to other accounts. Additionally, some of them like PayPal may hold your money and not let you move it into a bank account (depending on the account type) until it gets verified.

Sending money to another person without a bank account does not have to be hard. You have many ways you can transfer cash without sending it directly to another bank account. Try out the methods above to start transferring funds today!